The narrator was often also a celebrity, such as Bing Crosby speaking about Louis Armstrong and jazz. The Georgia Bulldogs beat the Auburn Tigers 42-10 for their sixth straight win in the Deep Souths Oldest Rivalry" on Saturday October 8th, By Caroline Smith All roads lead to New Jersey in six degrees or less. Stay Connected. The series often featured guest stars who were announcers or actors for other suspenseful series, and many of the scripts were also used in other dramas like The Clock and Inner Sanctum Mysteries. WRVO-2: PRX Remix; WRVO-3: BBC World Service; Weekly Daily. Queasy listening. WebMONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. Humphrey Bogart, Robert Montgomery and George Montgomery portrayed the hardboiled detective in films before Van Heflin took over as Marlowe in NBCs 1947 summer series.The Adventures of Philip Marlowe returned September 26, 1948, as a CBS series and starred Gerald Mohr. "Radio's outstanding theatre of thrills" is recognized as one of the finest dramatic series in the history of broadcasting. Richard Diamond, Private Detective premiered over the NBC network on April 24, 1949 and ran through 1952 starring Dick Powell as "radio's singing detective." Then listeners weigh in. Benny revolutionized the way humor was played on radio by introducing the situation comedy and by giving most of the best lines to his supporting cast. I Was a Communist for the FBI--I walk alone. I liked it when you played that punk song though. Come and listen to the beautiful music of Latin America! NBC 5 and COZI-TV are moving to a new frequency on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. Hopalong Cassidy's millions of fans got a New Year's Day present in 1950 when William Boyd brought the famous Bar-20 Ranch onto the Mutual radio range. Pressed and dressed. This horror series consisted mostly of adapted supernatural tales from greats like Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson. The current lineup includes Maxwell Mahieu, Seb, All op-ed content contained within is the product of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of WUOG or its administrative staff, Wieuca reflects on last decade and live hiatus, making singles theirfocus, Bulldogs Handle Business Against Presbyterian, Georgia Baseball Takes Opening Series 2-1, Georgia Tennis Brings in #1 Recruiting Class For 2023, Georgia Runs To A Dominant Win Versus Auburn. Popular and Unpopular Music From Around the World, Music inspired by life and current events. WebWYES Program Schedule. It featured many New York actors and scripts by some of the country's best writers. Expect ear-catching, provocative radio that enlightens, entertains and informs. WebWVOG Media Chicago. The Mysterious Traveler was one of radio's greatest omniscient storytellers, introducing tales of mystery, science fiction and horror from the typewriters of writers/producers Robert A. Arthur and David Kogan. George and Gracie first performed on air over the BBC while touring England after an NBC executive rejected their act insisting that "Gracies voice is unfit for radio." WebInternet Streaming Schedule for WVOG AM 600 Start and End times are station local time, not your local time Station: WVOG AM (600) Community of license: New Orleans, Louisiana Cincinnati's News Radio 700WLW! George Hale Ric Tyler Rewinds; Hot & Cold; Maine Outdoors; Senior Talk; ADVERTISE; CONNECT. I recently had the chance to sit down with the beautiful Mariami. Too rock for the weirdos. Raw tunes for raw times. Find your favorite NPR show or locally-produced public radio program. ------ Shows: In Season and Out See more. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent One of the most popular police dramas in the history of broadcasting, Dragnet aired on NBC Radio from June 10, 1949 through February 7, 1957 and on television from 1952-59 and 1967-72. Judy also had a brother Randolph, a boyfriend Oogie and plenty of friends. WebWVOG. Gunsmoke grew out of a request from CBS founder William Paley for a "Philip Marlowe in the Old West," and featured grimly realistic stories set in the vicinity of Dodge City, the "Gommorrah of the West," with William Conrad as Dillon. The Man Called X debuted over CBS on July 10, 1944, moved to NBC in 1950 and continued through May 20, 1952. Quinn revamped the show as Fibber McGee and Molly in 1935 when Johnsons Wax signed on as sponsor. Guy Raz hosts How I Built This, where innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists take us through the often challenging journeys they took to build their now iconic companies. The program was an oddity, a western that began on television and moved to radio, featuring an ethical anti-hero whose mysterious origins were left untold until the fifth and final TV season. Riley was a devoted family man with a talent for flying off the handle and a penchant for being worse. TV and Radio Schedules Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. 2023-03-03T11:30Z 2023-03-05T16:00Z. WRVO-1: NPR News Radio Schedule. Jack "Flashgun" Casey was first introduced in the March 1934 issue of Black Mask, the classic pulp fiction magazine. The Six Shooter aired started movie star James Stewart rode the radio range from September 20, 1953 through June 24, 1954 as Britt Ponset, "the Texas plainsman who wandered through the western territories, leaving behind a trail of still-remembered legends.". Hear encores Monday and Tuesday at 12 p.m. Barry Sullivan, Virginia Gregg, and Lurene Tuttle appeared in this syndicated series in 1948. X-Minus One premiered on April 24, 195 and was a revival of Dimension X, NBC's earlier science fiction anthology series. We'll show you to the best plans and pricing for you. showcasing the real raw talent & real chicago issues using music, entertainment art & health, to interact with the community. From the heart of the jungle comes a savage cry of victory. A sunset of blips and bleeps fills the air. 12-1: Michael Knowles Show By the late 1930s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes had moved to the Mutual Broadcasting Network and the series was forced to rely on invented new adventures, having run out of Doyle stories to adapt. The revived Big Town aired from October 5, 1943 through June 25, 1952. Baby Snooks was born at a Detroit party when Fanny Brice, then performing burlesque, sang "Poor Pauline" in a little-girl voice, and was revived for her first radio broadcasts in the '30s. Classic overnight radio with that feel of an unanticipated fill-in! Radios last great detective series, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar ended its run September 30, 1962 during the final week of network radio drama. BBC World Service delivers breaking news and information programming around the world, in English and 28 other language services, on radio, TV and digital. Hip-hop and rap, that's where my heart's at. Features genres such as Shoegaze, Hardcore, New-Wave, House, Pop, and many more goodies. It aired for two seasons from 1943-1945, first on Mutual and then on NBC's Red network. The show's audition broadcast featured Lucille Ball and Lee Bowman as her husband. BBC Newshouris the award-winning flagship program of the BBC World Service, the world's largest news-gathering operation. A month and a half before the new college football season started, University of Georgias head coach Kirby Smart issued this warning to, By Mariana Mejia Burns and Allen won a regular spot on The Robert Burns Panatella Program February 22, 1932 and moved into the top spot when Guy Lombardo left the series. I know many strange tales hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved Endtime Ministries | The Endtime Show | Irvin Baxter -,, The Jim Bakker Network: On Demand, Tuesdays at 7:00 PM CST, Wednesday at 7:30 PM CST, and Saturday at 6:00 PM CST, Faith Africa, Flow TV, Clear TV, and Go TV 4:00 PM, Sunday, Sky Channel, Faith UK, CH 595, 10:00 AM BST/GMT. Picking a plan can be tricky and we're here to help. See a weekly printable schedule. Library music included; popcorn optional. offering an WebMonday Friday 12:00 AM 3:00 AM Red Eye Radio 3:00 AM 4:00 AM America in the Morning 4:00 AM 6:00 AM KTLA Morning News 6:00 AM 9:00 AM Armstrong & Getty 9:00 AM 12:00 PM Dan Bongino 12:00 PM 3:00 PM John Phillips 3:00 PM 4:00 PM The Ben Shapiro Show 4:00 PM 5:00 PM Matt Walsh 1,468 likes. The Family Theater radio series, which featured hundreds of famous actors, was broadcast on the Mutual Broadcasting System from 1947 to 1969, making it one of the longest running weekly dramatic radio programs in history. Then, after signing on as a regular on the Jimmy Durante show, young scored his own show with Tums as a sponsor. Fourteen-year-old Ann Gillis starred in the 1941 series, and Dellie Ellis starred in the 1942 version. Ambient, transient, poppy, sloppy, danceable, romanceable, and Italians rapping in English with laser noises. 7:00 pm. WebAny person with disabilities who needs help accessing the content of the FCC Public file should contact Vicki Kaping at [emailprotected] or (218) 727-6864. This series is one of a few modern series featured by Radio Classics. Timeless stories and laughs from the past for today's SiriusXM listeners. Robbert Broadcasting, Inc. and operates at with Don MacLaughlin played David Harding, chief of the "United States Counterspies", a fictional counterintelligence organization. Late night drives somewhere between Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and The White Castle of Fear. 11:00 AM. These plays were produced and aired in the '00s. Hosted byGlynn Washington. Then you play this long winded free jazz stuff that really grates on my nerves. 'Wait Wait' for March 4, 2023: With Not My Job guest Malala Yousafzai, Photos show double blow of war and earthquakes in regime-held Syria, Moldovans are worried that Russia's war in Ukraine will spill into their country, Jenny Jackson on her debut novel 'Pineapple Street', Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. But I'll play anything so long as it ain't crap! The show's themes were never voilent, but rather idealistic. Every show starts with the 70s! Price returned to the role in 1949 over Mutual and became radio's most remembered Simon Templar. Week of February 26, 2023 Prev Next The series was canceled when Edward G. Robinson quit in 1942 but was resurrected the following year with Edward Pawley (and later Walter Greaza) as Wilson and Fran Carlon as Lorelei. The variety you want, where you choose to listen. A chimpified, sonic soiree of overmodulated, toe-stubbing rock and roll. Frank Lovejoy is heard as Randy "Lucky" Stone, a hardboiled reporter who covers the "nightbeat" for the Chicago Star. 99.5 CRB Classical. Michael Waring was a freelance detective who was also known as the Falcon. After a few standout bit roles in movies, Carson landed his own radio show on CBS, which debuted on June 2, 1943. 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM PST. Best of the Morning News with Nancy and Jason. Grand pianos in the surf, singing frogs, hyphenated psych, outtakes, live collaging, twangy drone, old folk, and ephemeral pop. Listen Live: What matters to you. 4:00 AM to 5:00 AM PST. Find your favorite episodes, programs or movies. The husband-and-wife vaudeville team of Jim and Marian Jordan began their radio careers in Peoria on a bet from Jims brother. Science-fiction anthology series on the Mutual Radio Network. This police procedural series was syndicated on NBC stations in 1932. Webdownload wvog radio and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Humorous, heartbreaking and true stories told live on stage. Hosted by Peter Sagal. John Brown starred as "Broadway," a fluent "Brooklynese" speaker who spun tales of old Manhattan. The Bill Stern Sports Newsreel aired for nearly two decades: from December 5, 1937 through June 22, 1956. Georgia Tennis is climbing its way back to the mountain top. Don't be sad because here comes the sun. WebOn-air Schedule. Monday Friday 12:00 a.m. 5:00 a.m. Red Eye Radio; 5:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. Nashvilles Morning News with Dan Mandis The station, whose call letters stand for "The Voice Of God", is owned by F.W. Plus, live bands. WVOG is a Chicago-based internet radio station and media company. Program Schedule of News 93.1 KFBK in Sacramento, CA. Lights Out debuted January 1, 1934 over Chicagos WENR and moved onto the NBC airwaves beginning April 17, 1935. Those ageless shows (and so much more) can be found on Radio Classics. No script. The station broadcasts Religious Have Gun, Will Travel debuted on television on September 14, 1957 and moved to radio November 23, 1958. Western film star Joel McCrea portrayed Ranger Jace Pearson in NBC's Tales of the Texas Rangers. SHOWCASING THE REAL RAW TALENT & REAL CHICAGO ISSUES USING MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT ART & HEALTH, TO INTERACT WITH reflect overall growth of this web site - so the growth rates are comparative to the other shows - but probably do not reflect radio audience listening in general. I'll take you back in time into the present sounds of today and yesteryear. ET; and exclusively on the New Standards stream Sundays at 12 p.m.-4 p.m. Secret Canine Agents is here to deliver tunes to enjoy, wallow, or fight someone in Spanish! DJ Mofongo Massacre serves up a schizophrenic sofrito with a focus on raw international punk and old nasty metal from all eras, and spiraling out into salsa, soul, psych, goth, reggaeton, krautrock, and much more. Alice Faye, Phil's movie star wife, recreated her real-life role as a film star turn devoted housewife. Purity Products - Timeshare Media. Bells goal with Radio Classics is to take you back to the time when the family gathered around the radio. Current Local Time: 3:31 AM Time Zone: GMT-6Long IP lookup time: 853 ms. Transmitter Location Coverage Fred introduced his classic "Allens Alley" segment December 13, 1942. Frank Race is an attorney whose life is filled with intrigue following the war. Today he is best known as TV's Wilbur Post, who talked with Mr. Ed the horse. Escape's protagonists faced life-and-death situations each week, as the show careened from classic adventure to Western drama to science fiction. Cooper was succeeded by Arch Oboler, one of radios greatest dramatic talents. Waring's detective techniques were a cross between Ellery Queen and Richard Diamond. Each episode featured the work of a different American artist, mostly musicians, across all genres. John Patrick Lowrie plays Holmes and Lawrence Albert portrays Watson. WebProgram Schedule of News 93.1 KFBK in Sacramento, CA Monday to Friday 4 am to 5 am - This Morning (with Gordon Deal) 5 am to 9 am - KFBK Morning News (with Same Shane and Cristina Mendonsa) 9 am to 12 nn - Rush Limbaugh 12 nn to 3 pm - The Tom Sullivan Show (with Tom Sullivan) 3 pm to 4 pm - John McGuinness WVOG is an AM radio station broadcasting at 600 KHz. Superman, Dragnet, Gunsmoke, plus comedies from Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, George Burns & Gracie Allen all originated on radio. The Great Gildersleeve aired until March 21, 1957, with Willard Waterman taking over the title role for the final seven radio season and three television seasons. For more information and past shows Boston Public Radio. Robert Young starred as Jim Anderson, the easy-going and sensible father. The Pinkerton Raid is a band that combines touches of everything from dreamer folk to campfire pop, to retro rock to create a sound that r, - By Clay Witt WebWVOG Media Chicago. An underground journey through the history of psychedelic rock, modern music, shimmering noise, free jazz, punk, funk, children's records played at the wrong speed, tape cut-up, static, the composition of decomposition, and subversive spoken word. After an early career in vaudeville and musical revues, Hope made his radio debut on Rudy Vallees Fleischmann Hour in 1933 and joined the cast of James Meltons Intimate Revue in 1935. Features live sound collaging, too. The series adapted stories by the modern masters of science fiction adapting works by Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Clifford Simak, Theodore Sturgeon and many others. In 1950, Clarence Mulford's classic cowboy was heard on 152 radio stations, seen on 63 television outlets and appeared as a comic strip in 155 newspapers. Gospel Music WVOG 600AM, Metairie, Louisiana, USA. Coming from the world of College Radio, this program puts its primary focus on putting hidden and well-known Spanish gems to the front! This isn't the kind of show you take home to your family. - WEDNESDAY -. Bob Parker Health Markets Show. Specially transcribed tales of the dark and tragic ground of the wild frontier. Shows. Rare birds flock together to sing Francoise Hardy as soul hits. Tech, community, video games, and whatever else is next. % Change compares the most recent 28 day listen counts to the prior 28 days.Numbers -have- been normalized to "Radio's own show" first ran in 1931 as a 15-minute show, then revamped in 1940 as a half-hour program, hosted by Graham McNamee. The Jordans were heard as The OHenry Twins and The Air Scouts before Don Quinn created Smackout in 1931. Patriotic in nature, this series was created in part to improve the name of sponsor DuPont Chemical, which received backlash for profiting enormously from War World I. Timeshare Media - Purity The Screen Director's Playhouse featured adaptations of famous movies and called upon the screen directors to introduce and highlight their work. 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM UTC. All listings are Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted.
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