it reflects the speaker's anger at her husband's attempt to diminish her. What hardships did these individuals continue to suffer? Pursuing knowledge and bettering yourself is the best way to spend your time.B. The last face was so horrible and so simian that he gazed at it with amazment. i want a answer. They build on the gloomy mood that was established in Part I of the story. she presents logical appeals to convince the audience that supporting women's rights is a necessary next step for the country. why does the speaker use the word recompense in line 8? which statement best expresses what the house, as the setting for the story, symbolizes in the passage? (paragraph 1), [tex]\huge\underbrace{\underline{\mathtt{\red{Qu}\pink{Es}\green{T}\blue{I}\orange{O}\orange{n}\blue{}}}}[/tex] What do you mean by "princess"?? answer choices They describe a problem and give a possible solution that the author will explain in detail. F. all of which did not prevent her from scurrying to the door at the postman's knock nor prevent her from reffering somewhat shortly to retired sergeant major of bibulous habits. How does the lawyer provoke the bankers decision to place the bet?A. "This misinformation has taken the form of political cartoons that depict a wartime enemy as animal-like, and ads or posters that exaggerate the success of a war effort." Extended stay in space - increases the rate at which bones break down. A. A. What does this reveal about her point of view? Expert Answer. the ability of the brain to focus on a task or ideas topic: languages; purpose: describe_____. what is the meaning of resonant as it is used in paragraph 3? Pursuing knowledge and bettering yourself is the best way to spend your time. [RL.1] A. Itgot so vivid that, with a little uneasy laugh, he felt on the table for a glasscontaining a little water to throw over it. (Paragraph 65)B. Life was not always easy for Simone. D. There is nothing worse than depriving someone of human contact. In the space before each Latin root in column I, write the letter of its correct meaning from column II. PART B: Which TWO details from the text best support the answer to Part A? The bankers adventurous spirit prompts him to create dangerous or riskysituations.D. They reinforce the idea that Mie remains idealistic despite her mother's cautious realism. Answered by jill d #170087 on 10/7/2019 6:27 PM B. because the students are not yet adults, their rights to the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression is necessarily limited. GetHuman8109505's next move: call E.ON. which quotation from paragraph 3 helps clarify the meaning of resonant? Monkey's Paw A. and get expert help. a woman's intellect should not be repressed. B. 25-May-2022 . He threw himself eagerly into these studies so much so that the banker had enough to do to get him the books he ordered. (Paragraph 16)B. Part B Which quality named in paragraphs 8 and 9 best supports the response to Part A? The best phone number for E.ON is their 0345 0520000 customer service phone number, and you can get the details and use our free call-back service by finding the link for it above and clicking it. There are two possible correct answers. Part A Which two details from the article most help develop a claim the author makes about astronaut's use of the ARED device? which sentence best states the central argument of the majority opinion? answered expert verified PART B: Which TWO details from the text best support the answer to Part A? "Even though the flyer advertises this book as dystopian, there's some dissent. Do you think feudalism would work in modern society? what does the line reveal about the speaker's feelings for her husband? C. it establishes miscommunication as a central theme for the passage, select a subsequent paragraph that further develops the answer to part A. 6 2/3 how does the author's choice to use alliteration in paragraph 7 most contribute to the meaning of the passage as a whole? j. bend Step 1/3. A. that she has mistaken notions about Mr. Harris. Assignment details. The district attorneys office, my case with three days of community service. (Paragraph 34), After the orientation, I went straight to my probation officer and, requested permission to spend Christmas with my family in, Massachusetts. They hope the increase in police presence will. A two-way ANOVA model is used to analyze the effects of two independent variables, also known as factors, on a continuous dependent variable. Choose one. A. This 10 minute timer counts down silently until it reaches 0:00, then gentle beeping alerts you that the time is up.But there was a moment to savour for Stanley as 18-year-old Leslie Adekoya pulled a goal back nine minutes from time. which quote from the passage provides the best example of NAWSA's actions as they continued to press for women's rights? According to a statement by police, they will be saturating areas in downtown Miami this Saturday night to conduct DUI, seatbelt, and speeding missions. Seeking an after-school job, 1 found one at a printing plant. I say three or four, because you wont stay longer. (Paragraph 11)C. Desperate gambling on the Stock Exchange, wild speculation and the excitability which he could not get over even in advancing years, had by degrees led to the decline of his fortune and the proud, fearless, self-confident millionaire had become a banker of middling rank, trembling at every rise and fall in his investments. (Paragraph 22)D. he is asleep and most likely dreaming of the millions. Part A: the author builds an explanation of the limitations of a spaceship's speed as a transition to a description of how warp speed theory works. payment: $2,992/mo Get pre-qualified Request a tour as early as today at 1:00 pm Contact. It shocks him and makes him feel unsure about the future .-Is how reading the Proclamation most affected Hagop. Q Link Wireless phones to buy for 2023. The difficulty of shooting an arrow from the bridge symbolizes the mental obstacles one must face in life. If you have questions regarding this product, assembly of furniture or product operation, please call 1-866-238-0531 for Customer Support Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST. incorrect: the narrator reveals that her ideas sometimes conflict with those of her husband. part b: select a detail from the passage that best supports the answer to part a. part a: XXX mrs. sommers preferred the life of a single woman. Image transcription text. What strengths and weaknesses can you identify in feudalism? Question 5 120 seconds Q. There is nothing worse than depriving someone of human contact.2. select two statements from paragraphs 8-11 that best demonstrate how the author uses rhetoric to help readers better understand the relationship between einstein's theory and alcubierre's discovery. Give one example of a flashback. g. killing; killer Phones that are compatible with Q . which statement best describes the structure of paragraph 3-8 in the effect of that structure? For each statement below, determine if it is a claim that is made and effectively supported in the passage, a claim that is made but not effectively supported in the passage, or a claim that is not made in the passage. Poor beast, you must live!" (Lines 13-14) C. "You thought to dwell, / Till crash! PART A: Which statement best expresses a central idea in the story PART B: Which TWO details from the text best support the answer to Part A? select two statements that best reflect themes developed in the poem and place them in the boxes provided. . C. the dirty, shrivled little paw was pitched on the sideboard with a carelessness which betokened no great belief in its virtues, D. I suppose all soldirs are the same said Mrs. white the idea of our listening to such nonsense, E. i am afraid it'll turn into a mean avaricious man and we shall have to disown you. Part A (WRONG) Building a dilemma for a main character and withholding important details. love is a powerful, binding force that can transcend death. How does the author develop the claim that practice is important to musical ability? Bidding: By bidding on items, bidders understand and accept all of the following: All merchandise is sold in AS IS condition. The lawyer offers to give the banker two million if he cannot stay in solitary confinement for the agreed upon years.D. generation of electricity. cite evidence to support your analysis. Perhaps something of the child's world, the world of the fairy story in it Something not to be painted but to be set to music, the mood of it taken up on a piano or a koto. he built upon the ideas of other scientist and developed a theory that solve a problem the other scientist had encountered. a paragraph 65. b paragraph 66. c paragraph 66. d paragraph 67. e paragraph 70. f paragraph 71. I could, see him inside watching video monitors that corresponded to the. Which two details best support the answer to Part A? Use a complete sentence. Part B The bankers hasty and thoughtless actions lead to trouble and despair for him.B. d. bind; draw tight Identify the participial phrase in the sentence. Part A: she uses the quotations as evidence for the argument that a democratic government must give all citizens the same rights. Part B: select two quotations from the passage that best support the answer to Part A. [tex] = 2 1/4. UPS Drop Boxes: For 24/7 drop-off. Astronauts' use of ARED device - increases the rate of bone regrowth write a brief response in which you analyze how the last line of the poem has an impact on its meaning. The banker comes to realize that he was wrong about his stance on life imprisonment.C. Consider the medieval order of feudalism. PART A: Which statement best expresses a central idea in the story PART B: Which TWO details from the text best support the answer to Part A? Life was not always easy for Simone. = 15 * 3/20 Which quote best supports the theme that it is better to live in the present than the past and planning for the future can bring worry and disappointment. around that" (Paragraph 5) B. part b: "abandoned herself to some mechanical impulse thatfreed her of responsibility" (paragraph 12). Choose the antonym for the underlined word. part a: select the sentence that best reflects how the author unfolds two main ideas of the story. PART B: Which paragraph from the short story best supports the answer to Part A?A. incorrect: the narrator expresses her enjoyment of many of the manor's features. Attach image. Part B (WRONG) (XXX)"'That's why I've been travelling all these days, in order to challenge him and put an end to a reputation he no longer deserves.'" (paragraph 4) 9-12.pdf, JM Interactive Notes - Part 1_ Ch. Number one, the media, the corporate media for two years has been lying about this. m. hold; keep which sentence includes two themes that interact in the poem? Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. IP Phone Set All Brands Yealink Yealink SIP-T31P 2-Line Mid-level IP Phone N.B. (a) (b) (t) (e) (p)(u) (h) (g) (e) (v). Select ALL that apply. which language feature provides context for determining the meaning of arrogates? UPS Access Point: Drop-off or pickup at local businesses. f. warn Part B A. 2: Richard Feynman developed a theory that came to be known as quantum electrodynamics. Which statement best represents a theme of the story? which sentence from the passage best reflects the emotional change mrs. mallard experiences in the passage? What does the word eluded mean as it is used in paragraph 9? answered PART B: Which TWO details from the text best support the answer to Part A? A. Part A: which statement best expresses how the author achieves a particular purpose in paragraphs 5 and 6. mokey's paw . The Monkey's Paw: PART B which TWO details best support the answer to PART A . select four main ideas of the passage and place them in order to create a summary. which paragraph focus on the red cranes provides the best support for the answer to part a? Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the media should be held accountable for having "echoed" Chinese Communist talking points about COVID-19 over the last two years. (paragraph 10). to provide readers with a balanced historical view of the gold mining industry. User: She worked really hard on the project. She completes her routine with a full twisting double back. "'Not with that face, I would not take you nowhere,' said the woman. by suggesting that mrs. mallard's love is compromised by the oppression she feels in her marriage. PART B: Which TWO details from the text best support the answer to Part A? n. believe The banker mourns the life and experiences that he has deprived the lawyer of.D. part a: the speaker's love is strong and constant; mrs. mallard's is not. "she would live for herself." Most of the Q Link Wireless phones on this list support 5G.
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