Having hosted several hundred performances and built an incredible artistic community, the duo used their announcement to remind fans and the media that their intention was never to be a permanent institution but a transient space that reflected their romantic relationship (which had since come to an end). The woman who arguably put Canadian pop on the map in the aughts, Nelly Furtado came back with a volley of bangers on her 2012 album The Spirit Indestructible, the first of which was Big Hoops. The song hearkens back to Furtados iconic collaborations with Timbaland (Promiscuous, anyone? And, of course, now that Indigenous artists have the chance to prove our work is both brilliant and marketable that we can sell out arts shows and end up on bestseller lists more arts institutions, publishers and galleries have supported us. Her roadmap is one that commits to a specific and focused vision while thinking big. We invite you to close out your own decade by taking a little pride in what your fellow Canadians have accomplished in the 2010s. Prisons are terrifying its hard for me to even watch the caricatured version you see in Orange is the New Black. Revolving around the women of Monterey, Calif.'s upper crust, the show uncovers the backstories and hidden truths of each character, ending its first season in a culmination of events that creates an impenetrable bond (not that Im about to spoil it). A few facts stood out: the then 24-year-old was from Toronto, Ont., had already appeared in Selma, Race and Homecoming (not to mention Degrassi: The Next Generation, a rite of passage for every Toronto actor), and is the younger brother of Shamier Anderson, whose resume is similarly stacked. She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany reveals alternate finale ending that was 'more serious' Head writer Jessica Gao told Maslany "there were like 20 versions" of the ending, the actress says. The reality is that, despite the success of Indigenous artists prior to 2015, there wasnt a national push to both recognize and, more importantly, fund Indigenous artists until the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) released its final report in December of that year. NFY was always more than a prank show, but in four seasons, it had evolved from poo jokes to this: a feature-length movie (documentary?) Shes even seen wearing no makeup in the music video! Carly Rae Jepsens E MO TION is released to universal critical acclaim. According to the thread, he tried to jump-start her car, and when that failed, he called a tow truck and drove the woman home, giving her his number and telling her to call him if she needed anything. When Netflix dropped Always Be My Maybe in 2019, many expected the movie to be a fun vehicle for comedy superstar Ali Wong. The Rolf Schock jury also praised Hannigans work running a mentoring foundation, Equilibrium Young Artists, which focuses on young and newly professional musicians across the world (a.k.a. at the Telluride FIlm Festival. The series of photos, overlaid with her paintings and other manipulations, celebrate the North and make it feel romantic while also pointing to climate change, industrial colonization and the parts of our natural world that are going to disappear. For Loved Me Back to Life, her first album in six years, Dion arguably goes poppier than ever before. Incendies competes for best foreign language film at the Oscars. But as we bid farewell to the 2010s, thats all changed: Cline Dion is the new queen of cool. Hows that for an English lesson? Jean-Marc Valles Big Little Lies premieres. In this episode, Nathans preparing for a very real appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. For her entire career, shes been accused of being juvenile and psychobabble-y in her writing, but its what makes her great. I fantasize regularly about the Oscars not just retrospectively giving Mommy a best foreign language film nomination, but Dorval and Clment acting nominations as well. With a few small exceptions, everything was shot in Alberta and B.C., and to capture those Rocky Mountain vistas, cinematographer Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki used nothing but natural light. Where traditional drag can be viewed as a card in which one side says female and the other says male, many think drag is simply flipping that card. These songs exemplify the power of Canadian artists even if their success was limited to Canadas borders. Well, he nailed it. Young and his partner were in a building only metres away, but were unable to save them. Which was helped, obviously, by the bands killer performance of Ready to Start, which closed out the show that night. As for local opinion, at least one thing is clear: Calgarians cant stop Instagramming the thing. As Buddy Cole, the iconic (and infamous) character from The Kids in the Hall, Scott Thompson has earned everything from fans praise to critics vitriol. Starring Canadian besties Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel, This Is the End a Rogen/Evan Goldbergwritten/directed/produced joint took the terror and hilarity of the apocalypse to new heights with their version of what might happen when the world finally ends. Two great entries in the canon of celebrities picking slightly random names for their children, if you ask me. The film follows a family dominated by Black women who are forced to confront secrets that have been hidden for decades when a man shows up at their door and promptly falls dead. After several failed IVF cycles and a miscarriage, Dion and Anglil welcome their twin sons Nelson and Eddy to the world. A post shared by Cline Dion (@celinedion) on Nov 16, 2019 at 6:33am PST. ), Before he was linked to Camila Cabello, before he collaborated with Taylor Swift and before he was anointed the face of Tim Hortons (the biggest achievement of all three), Shawn Mendes was just a Canadian boy, standing in front of the internet, asking all of us to like him. Nods to the Canadian penny; Drummondville, Que. (And other iconic phrases you have burned into your brain thanks to Saturday Night Live, a show that will outlive us all.) This decade, Canada established itself as a gold mine for internationally renowned music. In the episode, Nathan reveals his involvement at a press conference, and its the happiest hes ever been: My business was not only a bona fide success, but for the first time in my life it felt like people actually wanted to be around me. In the article, the gallerys collection gets a shoutout, but its world-class modernist architecture is described as a draw, too. And fortunately, shes still thriving: in November 2019, Full Frontal was renewed for a fifth season but its up to all of us to ensure it continues well past the term of the next U.S. president. This bouncy rap single was a huge smash in Canada, going five times platinum, but failed to perform anywhere else which really is a shame, because Nova Scotias Classified put together an incredibly catchy, fun and motivational single. Turns out, Tegan and Sara can do anything but true blue fans already knew that. But if youve seen photos of the main building, youve likely had a pang of envy: Dang, I want to go to thereeven if it takes two connecting flights, a ferry trip, plus an overnighter in Gander. She also got a jump-start on 2016s mannequin challenge via the corresponding video, where she worked her way through a party chock-full of attendees standing completely still or, as I like to call it, an ideal party if I have to stay past nine. The live-action Aladdin comes out in theatres. Ren-Charles, the couples first son, was born on Jan. 25, 2001. Alessia Caras debut single, released on both her debut EP Four Pink Walls and debut full-length Know-It-All, Here is a song about wanting to leave parties and the splendour of doing just that. It ruminated on histories, ruins and water itself, and it was a moving tribute to the site. Maslany's in-limbo Perry Mason status appeared to come into greater focus back in December when the Emmy winner formally signed on to play the title role Disney+'s upcoming She-Hulk series . And it led me down a hole of self-discovery and body confidence. A man lies unconscious, or dead, in the most strangely peaceful detail of the scene, as we hope the two teens running away in the distance make it to some kind of safety. Sometime around 2012, the superhero genre swallowed the Infinity Gauntlet or something metastasising into an endless string of monster franchises, each farting million-dollar bills and licensing deals. Thats where The Hunk cracks the show open. What this means, in practical terms, is that arts organizations, publishers, literary journals and other arts institutions are not only encouraged to include Indigenous artists and our work but financially incentivized to do so. (In my mind, we are best friends.) And among those strides, Canada created its own spot for Asian representation in ways that the country had never witnessed before, allowing us to claim our place on the world stage as an example of what representation can look like and do. James Camerons Avatar becomes the highest grossing film of all time. After launching a questionable handbag collection in 2017 (one of the rare misses of Dions renaissance, if you ask me), she unveils a very surprising fashion endeavour: a gender neutral line for kids. She later took over the lead role in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical from Tony winner Jessie Mueller, and has since played King in more than 1,000 performances between the Broadway and Toronto productions of the show and its U.S. national tour. Patriotism and pride come into play, and inevitably, questions are raised around what it means to be Canadian and make Canadian content. Lest I sound less than impressed, Im not. The resulting video for the power ballad Ashes shows a heavily retouched Dion prancing on The Colosseum stage with dancer Yanis Marshall in heels and a Deadpool costume. This is nearly unheard of in the literary world. A change.org petition to name Reeves Time magazines 2019 Person of the Year was launched midway through the year an honour that has previously been bestowed on Barack Obama and Pope John Paul II. ), Remai Modern opens its doors to the public. By the end of the 2010s, LGBTQ representation had exploded into the mainstream in a genuinely unprecedented manner, particularly on television. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre opens its 40th season. As for that YouTube video, it has more than 10 million views as of writing, and however it was made, it remains, per the description, simply amazing., The plan: Attract customers with cheap gas by offering a completely legal rebate that absolutely no one claims.. True Blood, The Vampire Diaries: softbois with fangs were bloody everywhere and The Twilight Saga started the frenzy. Its early 2011, and Denis Villeneuves Incendies is up for the Academy Award for best foreign language film. It included Lindsay Nixons essay Windigo, which eventually ended up in their book ntisnak. In the 2010s, it isnt that we earned the right to voice our opinion, stand up for our work and stop saying sorry its that we realized wed had that right all along. Rachel McAdams gets an Oscar nomination for Spotlight, (New Line Cinema/Columbia Pictures/Plan B Entertainment). The Birdcage, Brokeback Mountain, The Imitation Game, Dallas Buyers Club and Philadelphia were all directed by straight men, while Modern Family and even Will & Grace definitely catered to straight audiences. (Come back to us, Claire. That temporary site is marked for a Westbank condo development, which is also designed by Ingels, and the complex is expected to feature a pixel-ish aesthetic, very similar to Unzipped. Browse Aaron Poole movies and TV shows available on Prime Video and begin streaming right away to your favorite device. His talent deserves a platform. I say that like its a bad thing, but its really not. I felt confident in myself knowing that if I ever wanted to find love, I could just create a fake reality show all over again., The plan: Reach an untapped market: the 50 per cent of people who believe in ghosts.. In a decade defined by the relentless noise of content creation and everyone doing everything they can to get likes and followers, silence is rare and precious. But he is, nevertheless, an imposter playing an imposter: a comedian posing as a business consultantposing as whatever suits his plan. And rewatching NFY, nothings more important or flexible than Nathans understanding of the T-word. Following the decade-long obsession with Yann Martels 2001 novel Life of Pi, the story was finally released in film form in November 2012. On NFY, truth is a lie you have the confidence to believe. Created by Canadas Lorne Michaels in 1975, the sketch comedy series wove its way into the fabric of our cultural discourse and went on to tackle everything from political headlines to scandals and gossip to the risk of being eaten by a shark as you answer your front door. Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is the genius who convinced Dion to sing the theme song for Deadpool 2. And Thompsons seemingly fine with all of it. After decades of being shut out by a male-dominated industry as the subjects of institutional sexism, the 2010s saw Canadian women finally being given the opportunity to fulfill their potential. In a travel reversal, the tense second season finale of Homeland (I guess I should say spoiler alert, but seriously, folks) sees Carrie take Brody to the Quebec border so he can escape on foot to Montreal. She . (Editors note: Annes suggestion is unethical and also impossible please do not pay her.) By showing something as little as a flick on the forehead, Kims Convenience has helped the rest of the world understand Asian family dynamics better. His win marked the fourth Polaris Prize win by an Indigenous artist in five years, following Lido Pimienta, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Tanya Tagaq. As I write this, Alanis has just announced the details of her new single and album! But before it even premiered in 2013, Tatiana was already a veteran of Canadian film and TV, having started her career at age nine in her hometown of Regina. Once upon a time, Cline Dion had one dream: to become an international star. Hosted by Martin Short, the inaugural Canadian Screen Awards offered prizes for film, television and digital storytelling (which hadnt been covered by the Geminis or the Genies), and raked in 756,000 viewers, which is around double the number of people who watched the Geminis or Genies the previous year. The series is packed with moments of human connection that are as unexpected as they are genuine. From Monkman to Margaret (Atwood), Bieber to ballet, Keanu to Come from Away, CBC Arts presents an unapologetic celebration of a decade of outsized achievements by Canadian artists. (I caught the show in Portland, Ore., where the local alt weeklys admiring preview was headlined Whats German for WTF?), Its been the most incredible, profound and powerful experience of my artistic career, Pite said in an interview with La Presse before the tour wrapped up in Montreal last summer. In 2014, Karimloo made his Broadway debut as Jean Valjean in Les Misrables, earning a Tony nomination for best actor in a musical representing Canada in one the most iconic roles in the history of the Great White Way. Are you ready to hear the truth that needs to be told?. Its our topsy-turvy reality that makes any given episode of NFY more confoundingly hilarious. In 2012, this Degrassi: The Next Generation graduate made his Broadway debut in the now-infamous Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, acting as the alternate for the titular role. Who among us really thought that Schitts Creek a 30-minute comedy series created by and starring Canadian treasures Dan and Eugene Levy (and co-starring the equally treasured likes of Catherine OHara and Annie Murphy) would go on to earn a (still) growing international fanbase, a slew of Emmy nominations and praise for its inclusive and heartwarming storylines? But beyond the architectural acclaim, the sheer wanderlust-stoking beauty of these 10 places has made them major destinations. Organizers revealed the lineup of guests at next month's. The waxy ashen faces of nuns, RCMP officers and priests are in ghastly contrast to the pained expressions of the women and children. Reeves was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when the titular host asked him the ultimate question: What do you think happens when we die, Keanu Reeves? Reeves exhaled slowly, paused and looked Colbert in the eyes. Again with the bunker, Lillian says. For what artistic culture can thrive when its peoples children have been stolen from their arms? And, more often than you might realize, those fantasy worlds on screenwere actually somewhere in Canada. Outdoor elements are inspired by the neighbouring foothills; inside, wooden beams wrap the atrium, suggesting the shape of a canoe. Considering the vastness of YouTube, it was a small miracle that the Ben Shiriniandirected short film Lost In Motion earned millions of views and went on to spark hope in anyone working in the arts that theres life in digital distribution. Thanks to Brooke, the eyes of the world were upon us and suddenly everyone became more interested in the sleepy little hamlet of Canada. At the Oscars of fashion (which is a bad comparison because the event is a fundraiser and a vernissage, not an award ceremony, but we digress), Dion easily wins best newcomer with her performance in the celebrity video booth. I am now 34. Allysin Chaynes is a Toronto drag performer and pop cultural sponge, specializing in all things subcultural, queer, camp, strange and unusual. One hilarious early example comes in the first-season episode Rude Kid, when the five-year-old son of Janets white professor is misbehaving and Appa (Jung and Janets father, played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) instinctively flicks the boys forehead and is quickly scolded for it. Earned It by Torontos The Weeknd is one of the more notable cuts. Let there be light so, so much light. Cheyenne Jacksons character, Danny, is from Ottawa and joins the cast of the show-within-a-show TGS with Tracy Jordan after starring in a movie about Canadian football, while Steve Martins Gavin Volure tries to evade house arrest by whisking Liz Lemon off to Toronto (Toronto is just like New York, but without all the stuff!). The rest of Canada is arguably more culturally open than Quebec (Im looking at you, Bill 21) but has yet to truly tap into its multitude of storytelling options and voices.
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