My cameras go out. A class action settlement has been proposed in a case against T-Mobile US, Inc. and T-Mobile USA, Inc. relating to a data breach that T-Mobile announced on August 16, 2021. These are high-and-mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny you have, he said. I received a survey from T-Mobile just this week and I filled it out. I have been notified and want to know how to take legal action. Yes I too am very concerned about the data breach and compromising of my personal information. My data was leaked to the dark web. I have had multiple important factors of my identity sold on dark web this is just ridiculous. T-Mobile's $350 million settlement was one of the largest data breach payouts in US history. Please add me I received a letter that I was part of data breach and I also get numerous calls and messages and hackers try to get loan and try to steal money from my business account. metroPCS Phones final sale without telling you, AT&T Corp. AT&T Inc. Please add me; saw the data breach on my credit report. They did the same thing to me and it took well over a year to resolve. I also have received an email from McAfee which is SPAM! Example of the premium services outlined by the FTC include subscription content that provided flirting tips, celebrity gossip, or horoscope predictions. In fine print at the bottom on the back of package it states you have to use one of 8 services(eg: T-Mobile). If Ms. Bensen had known that the defendant would not adequately protect her PII, she would not have allowed Defendant access to this sensitive and private information, the class action lawsuit states. I believe it was the Friends and Family 2 lines on Us. Please add me. Add me. Spot the latest COVID scams, get compliance guidance, and stay up to date on FTC actions during the pandemic. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest. Email, phone driver license number, social security number, Compromised Social Security Number Consumers can learn tips for buying electronics here and file a complaint at or by calling 311. Post author: Post published: junho 10, 2022; Post category: the gridlessness family; Post comments: . I have NOT put it in wrong. Everything was /is compromised. Do you have a dispute with Vroom over a car you purchased, a refund on a warranty, or bad title? I get between 12-14 spam calls a day. (You couldconfirm your statusby emailingthe settlement administrator or calling 833-512-2314.). Fail to credit account for $2,500 for services and equipment. asking them to take a survey rating the company. This fee was never disclosed to customers and . Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. 2023 All Rights Reserved. I was notified by credit karma and Experian that my SSN, DL number, Phone number, and address where found to be on the dark web as a result of the T-Mobile breach. Been harassed by scammers non-stop. This is sad. Corporate Advocacy Program - Verified Status, How To Get Your Report Featured On All Report Pages. Instead, the judge will tell you that their decision will be mailed to you (usually takes a few weeks to two months or so). Please add myself although Im not the main owner my friend helped me out years ago. We often receive the question, can I sue T-Mobile in small claims? Thank you, Ive had T-Mobile a very long time and I didnt know until my credit report said my information was on the dark web so please add me, I have had T-Mobile for 15 years and three (3) lines. Please add me (T-Mobile customer for many years). After over a year of trying to get them to fix it they finally did a 500 credit settlement. T-Mobile has not been helpful. Please add me too. Add me! The City alleges that T-Mobile has engaged in multiple deceptive practices, including selling used phones as new, enrolling customers in expensive financing plans without their consent, deceiving consumers about its refund policy, overcharging customers and failing to provide customers with legal receipts. My information was exposed in the data breach including my drivers license number and my phone number. YES I FEEL AT RISK TO IDENTITY THEFT. They will have a non-attorney representative. My social security number and drivers license number have both been found on the dark web. Add me please, I have been affected by this issue. I had T-Mobile during the breach. Your drivers license number has BFE CORPORATION LIMITED Dashcam offered as premium for completing survey about T-Mobile GuangZhou TianHe District, T-mobile False advertisement Albuquerque NM, T-Mobile Retail Store Manager - James Sales Agent - Dean Outright lied on trade-in value of iPhones Kalamazoo MI, Assurant T-Mobile Phone Insurance American Bankers Insurance of Florida Did not deliver as promised when purchased Wayne PA, T-mobile Apple T-mobile did a scam on me where they took my Apple SE as a trade, said they would give me 480.00 only got 100. credit off my billbut it gets much worse. My information was also included in the T-Mobile breach. I have had this company for 5 years. Indianapolis Indiana. My phone and number was replaced, I requested two investigations that were never resolved. Who's crazy enough to start this website? My SS and personal info. 2022 by Courtam, Inc. Patients made into prostitutes and sex slaves, bilking insurance companies out of millions, Sac_County Iowa Prosecutor Ben Smith pays $750,000 to settle Ripoff Report 1983 civil rights lawsuit.. Federal Judge stops prosecutors abuse of power against ED Magedson Founder of Ripoff Report. I would like to be added. Since the breach, Ive endured relentless call/email spoofing as well as an uptick in identity theft attempts. Yes I was compromised. Please add me, I also received an email that my information is out on the dark web because of TMobile. Plaintiff Tiffany Bensen claims T-Mobile was responsible for the. I thank the City for stepping forward and seeking justice for those who have been harmed or deceived by this unscrupulous behavior, said Representative Nydia M. Velzquez. My credit report informed me my information was found on the dark web from a breach from tmobile. The FTC explained that when customers discovered they were paying for services they didnt actually want, T-Mobile in many cases failed to provide customers with full refunds. I believe my number is out in the black market. T-Mobile Data Breach Class Action Lawsuits Overview: Tiffany Bensen filed a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile USA, Inc. Bensen claims T-Mobile is responsible for an August data breach which exposed the private information of millions of its customers. Yes, please add me. Copyright 2023 IBTimes LLC. My info surfaced on the dark web. I dont have that kind of time moving and at the end of April all these accounts pop up. Yes I knew inwas breached yes please add me, I am a customer of T-Mobile also my information was leaked onto the dark web. We were with Sprint for 20 years and had no issues until the t-mobile merger. Some credit balances aren't eligible for a payment refund and will apply toward your future monthly charges. I called social security on Friday 2/18/2022 for some guidance and the lady first giggle at my whole ordeal then proceeded in saying Im not sure how to word this, but I am even on the web with another giggle and I should let this consume my life and there is nothing they can do for me. I just received a notification from McAfee that my ss# and dl# have been compromised. Please sign me up on T mobile lawsuit. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I appreciate that the City has taken action, and I am hopeful that consumers receive appropriate redress of their grievances. said Assembly Member Michael G. DenDekker. Id like to be added. Decide which cookies you want to allow. This data breach has ruined my life please add me to this class action lawsuit and respond to me as soon as possible will keep me updated on whats going on thank you. T-mobile owes me over $500 plus tax. July 27, 2021 at 5:31 p.m. EDT. I have 5 phones on family account & fear all of our info could be compromised. Another class action lawsuit has been lobbied against T-Mobile over an August data breach which exposed the private information of millions of its customers. AT&T CELL PHONE AT&T MOBILE PHONE, AT&T WIRELESS AT&T CELL PHONE AT&T MOBILE PHONE, AT&T WIRELESS AT&T WIRELESS BILLING FRAUD Houston Texas, T-Mobile S!mpa Hrvatski Telekom d.o.o. we have 4 lines and have had TMobile for years. Same situation I suspended my son's line they took upon themselves to reactivate the and have been charging me. I was notified that my information was involved in the breach. I have had bank accounts opened in my name, checks created and cashed . I am a customer and keep having call after call from people I dont know. Bellevue Washington, Netflix Charged my debit card while account was linked to T-Mobile Los gatos Ca. My door dash account was hacked with my personal information and used for fraudulent charges. I was notified that I was part of the breach. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the . Is anyone responding to these. However I have frozen all my credit bureaus credit files and notified Social Security. I contacted them to complain just to tell me they couldnt help me unless I could provide them with my correct information such as full name, address, phone number, social security number and etc. Exactly how many customers were impacted isn't immediately clear: T-Mobile has said that only about 850,000 people's names, addresses and PINs were "compromised." Received a notification from my credit monitoring that my social and d.o.b was in the breach. Add me! Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are accused of ignoring two cost-saving requirements included in their contracts with California state and local government customers. The f---ers hate you.. T mobile Promotion said trade in old phones and get new iPhone 11, sent 4 phones to them with their mailing label for trade in. I live in the northeast and have been a T-mobile customer for over 10 yrs. The judge will ask T-Mobile's representative to tell them their side of the story. Ive tried getting in contact with customer support but theyve sent us through numerous hoops on account confirmation before our call gets dropped. Told there was nothing they could do! You may be eligible for a portion of a $14 million class action settlement -- but you only have until the end of today to file your claim. If anything comes of this I will definitely be claiming. After following the required protocols to obtain a refund, Wong sued T-Mobile for refusing to fully reimburse him, stating that he failed to complain within 60 days of the first incorrect bill. Learn more about the cookies we use. I have been a customer over 5 years. Everytime I call they say that my bill is $180 because I had to pay for the extra 2-lines. T-Mobile employee did a sim swap without my authorization and resulted in financial loss, I was affected as well on June 19th T-Mobile employee did a sim swap without my authorization and resulted in financial loss, I was affected by this my identity was compromised, I was affected by this please add me to class action lawsuit. My drivers and social security number were both compromised during the August data breach. You can change these settings at any time. Originally published Sept. 5, 11:42 a.m. PT. He is a crossword junkie and is interested in the intersection of tech and marginalized communities. Someone already tried to open a credit card account, & they actually opened a wells Fargo checking account with my info. FAQ Ive had T mobile for years, I been with T-mobile for 4 years sing me up. Lawsuit alleges T-Mobile violated the Citys Consumer Protection Law by selling used phones as new, destroying customer credit scores, and using deceptive return polices, among other violations. One would think even if my data wasnt stolen, which I have no idea of knowing, that they would at least send me a letter or text or something in an attempt to put me at ease. It is disturbing that T-Mobile would allegedly engage in these dishonest practices, taking advantage of working New Yorkers who are simply trying to find an affordable wireless plan. Im still having issues with T-Mobile even with the number of security precautions Im still taking. Yes as well my Husband & my information is out there, Yes & please add me to the T-Mobile Data Breach. I am in the process of doing all the Identity Theft stuff now! Chief Legal Architect & Co-Founder @ People Clerk. I should be getting money from them for this t-mobile breach too. So the senior plan was $62 dollars for 2 seniors to join and the phone deal was really . AT&T Mobile AT&T Corp. AT&T Inc.AT&T Mobile Excluding Category Emancipated Black VARs Subcontracting with Federal Government San Antonio Texas, T-Mobile Lied about service Rapid City South Dakota, Paradise Property Management Ventura Illegal eviction my account being hacked, PPM will not investigate how it happened Ventura California, Kei Kullberg Quintessential Mortgage Group bait and switch you into promising you a low-rate Mortgage Scammer White Plains New York, TAHINI GODDESS Sally schimko Sexyveggies Tahini Goddess inulin Goddess Prebiotic white labeling of non-licensed food supplement. Make sure to also review complaints other customers have filed against T-Mobile with the BBB (review T-Mobile's BBB complaints here). 10:08 PM. On a text about this. I had Sprint for 20 years and all of a sudden my phone went crazy. My phone number and social security number it on the dark web because of T Mobile. Would love to know what comes of all of this. Please add me to the list! Yes this happened to me and my social and drivers license numbers are on the dark web as a result. Companies that blatantly scam New Yorkers must be held accountable, said Mayor de Blasio. Customers are also being charged "illegal taxes, mystery fees and fees for unwanted services," the city alleged. Following Wong's suit, several others filed, reaching about 350,000 people nationwide. They said the phone would work better with TMobile. You must contact the My phone number, address and at least one password has been found on the dark web. On February 9, 2022 I received notification from Discover cards identity monitoring service that my social security number was found on the dark web. Please add me! These allegations come to light less than two weeks after T-Mobile CEO John Legere rankled the audience at a press event by demonizing T-Mobiles competitors because of their willingness to do anything to benefit the bottom line. Please add me to tmobile lawsuit. T-Mobile should be ashamed of failing to meet this caliber by not only breaking the law but doing so in such a callous and harmful way to New Yorkers. My credit report shows multiple accounts of someone applying for credit in my name. I had the same problem in November 2016 which was never actually truly resolved, period. I had people buying at Amazon from Japan with my Debit card. In a complaint filed today, the Federal Trade Commission is charging mobile phone service provider T-Mobile USA, Inc., with making hundreds of millions of dollars by placing charges on mobile phone bills for purported "premium" SMS subscriptions that, in many cases, were bogus charges that were never authorized by its customers. I am an old customer of t-mobile. expected to be mailed out. I have also been compromised. I received an email about the data breach and received 1 year Equifax monitoring service. Wow this blows my mind as why dont companies take the nessacery precautions to avoid this type of thing. PLEASE ADD ME TO THE LAWSUIT. I confirm with them last year my situation but have not heard a word. 6:21-cv-06628, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York. Value of $2,200. Ive been on the dark web for years now too, but only my email and passwords. Which all I wanted was the free lines and now I would never add a new line because the Plus feature is not free so the value is permanently lost from my older Simple Choice plan. Search the Legal Library instead. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. "I was panicking because I had access to something big," Binns told The Wall Street Journal. Up until just recently nothing had been affecting me. The judge will ask you to show them the evidence you brought. All Rights Reserved. Been with sprint over 16 years then since take over now t mobile. Please add me to the list. If he sides with abortion opponents, mifepristone could potentially be removed from the U.S. market. Tell us has your experience with this business or person been good? AAA MONITORS MY INFO ON THE DARK WEB AND NOTIFIED ME THAT THEY FOUND MY SOCIAL, ADDRESS, FULL NAME,DOB ON THE DARK WEB AND THE SORCE WAS FROM T-MOBILE. As part of a settlement reached, T-Mobile USA agreed to payout close to $2.2 million to resolve allegations. Please add me. I started to get calls from unknown people and items being sent to me in the mail that I did not request. I received a notification that my personal was information was compromised due to a security breach. 4 talk lines and 1 digit line ( for the watch). Please add me I also have received emails about the data breach, I have all the emails from T-Mobile email me and told me was a data breach and all my information is on the dark web, Yes I have gotten information Stay up to date with our daily newsletter, Sprint Closer To $40B-Plus T-Mobile Deal Financing: Reuters, New T-Mobile Services Receiving High Consumer Interest, Visa, Mastercard Reaffirm Their Crypto Strategy, Deny Report On Halting Digital Asset Expansion, Robotics Startup Unveils Renderings Of World's First 'General Purpose' Bot, Like Airplanes In World War II, Cyber Threats Require A Revolution In Home Front Defense, Alphabet's Waymo Lays Off Staff Again; Engineering Roles Largely Affected, Foxconn To Set Up $700M Plant In India In Shift From China: Report. I found my name on the dark web too along with my passwords. Please add me to T mobile data breach. It is also known as the "complaint" or "claim." I have proof. Please include me in on this class action. I got an email about this and would like to be added. If you are a T-Mobile customer and fear that your personal information was compromised because of this breach, please contact us at (800) 776-6044 or At least as far back as 2009 until at least December 2013, the carrier placed unauthorized charges for third-party services on customers' mobile phone bills, a practice called "cramming," the. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. Please add me. The plan I was on apparently had a free line that was hidden. Please add me to the T-Mobile data breach.class action lawsuit. The FTCs goal is to ensure that T-Mobile repays all its customers for its crammed charges.. Please add me. The lawsuit alleges that between Feb. 10, 2010, and the present date, Runway generated in excess of $200 million in revenue from providing roadside assistance and towing services on NYC Arterial . Memo from Chair Lina M. Khan to commission staff and commissioners regarding the vision and priorities for the FTC. I would also like to be included in this action! Delivered on weekdays. This is just unacceptable. I dont believe this is true. I havent had T-mobile in 10 years and they have my ss#, DOB, and address. AddMe. Please add me my social and other personal information was compromised. BLU Smartphones J5L Device states the phone is unlocked in large print on 4 sides with an image of an open lock. added myself payupsuckers i broke a phone that was just to dang strange behaving.i still have the photo and box of that phone t-mobile used against us to ruin or opportunities. Call T-Mobile's customer service phone number 1 (800) 937-8997 and have them troubleshoot your problem. I believe my phone has been as I receive so many spams and it is getting worse. Payment technologies allow merchants to show a set of default tipping amounts for example, buttons for 15%, 20% and 30%, along with the "no tip" or "custom tip" button. Unwilling to resolve. Thank you for helping. Consumers educating consumers., Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported.. I am Sprint customer who was absorbed by the acquisition. A letter was sent to me by T-Mobile that said my information sensitive info was apart of a data breach. Here is how you can file a BBB complaint against T-Mobile. Hello everyone! I was indeed part of the data breach. My account had additional charges, Please add me to the T-mobile suit. In targeting vulnerable consumer with no contract deals, masking used products as new, among other grievances, T-Mobile treated their customers as opportunities, not people," said Council Member Rafael Espinal. "What we are seeing alleged here is completely at odds with the integrity of our team and the commitment they have to taking care of our customers every day," the T-Mobile spokesperson said. I received a monitor red flag, my ss# drivers license were flagged due to the August 2021 t mobile breach. Please add me. I changed from Sprint to t-mobile (not by choice) and as soon as they changed the sprint sim card to t-mobile card I have been hacked since March 2020!!! The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday brought a legal action accusing T-Mobile of illegally earning hundreds of millions of dollars by placing bogus charges on customers' cellphone bills for. I received a notice saying information was breached or found on dark web please add me thank you, I got notifications my Social security number and email address was found on the black web, as a T-Mobile customer they have not done enough to safe guard people information. Also, there are messages coming to my email and phone because of this breach. TY, Add me as well .Mcafee Protection plan that Tmobile asked that all their customers to sign-up for. Please add me. I have had my email hacked and my checking account was hit by a payday company pose as a debt solution and deducted hundreds of dollars before I caught what was going on. sacramento obituaries 2021; apartments on aldine mail route I tried reaching out to my My information was breached on the dark web! Here are some examples of small claims lawsuits against T-Mobile: Failure to refund you. You have several options, including suing Carvana in small claims court. All Rights Reserved. Learn more about Digital Accessibility from the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities. I been with t mobile from oct of 2008 and paid my bill on time each month as it was set up for them to take it from my checking account as they did on the 17 of each month. Some customers have been double or triple charged for services, which makes a good case for small claims court. T- mobile customer over 15 years. The Federal Trade Commission announced Tuesday it has filed a formal complaint against phone service provider T-Mobile for bilking customers out of hundreds of millions of dollars by quietly putting extra charges on cell phone bills for premium phone service that was, in the overwhelming majority of cases, totally falsified. Received no notification from T-Mobile whatsoever regarding this. 11 times I believe. Please add me to the law suit. I had fraudulent charges on 2 of my cards. Contact your nearest DMV to How can I be added to this lawsuit? Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. Do you have a dispute with T-Mobile over a refund, rental, or overcharges? Please add me to the tmobile lawsuit. EDD supposedly mailed me a document to verify my identity that I never received. My social security number was compromised during their data breach. Bensen echoed the claims of other class action lawsuits filed against T-Mobile in arguing that the company had inadequate security measures, which allowed hackers to gain access to its servers and retain customers private data. Im with sprint who now merged with T mobile my information has been exposed. I am a T-Mobile customer due to its merger with Sprint, which happened before August. I attached 1 of the posts. New York is leading the charge to oppose T-Mobile's merger with Sprint, Justice Department approved T-Mobile's $26.5 billion bid, deal was OK'd by the Federal Communications Commission, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. When I called them- 3 times to discuss this, starting January 16th, resulting in them admiting there was an additional digit line and the would cancel it and have a manager reach out to me. 82. Yes I want to be added to this. Please add me. My password manager scans the web and is telling me over 100 of my passwords have been leaked. I received many strange texts & calls also the dark web!!!!!! Saying they want to Give me $100 for the inconvenience but when you click on it it takes you to a website that is not T-Mobile, Please include me I received a letter indicating that I was part of the data breach. The texts were actually from an unaffiliated marketing website, raising the question of how it got customers information and if the data breach was possibly to blame, according to The T-Mo Report.
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